About: NCS

Ever wished for a way to get a property on the radar of the people who make decisions about company expansion and relocation? Northern Nevada Development Authority offers just that with the Nevada Certified Sites Program. In such decisions, site selectors and executives want to be sure that a company’s expansion plans won’t be held back by costly delays in permitting and approvals. A Certified Site designation serves as a pre-qualification, indicating that a property’s title is clear, that it possesses sufficient utilities and other infrastructure for commercial use and that it is properly zoned and has adequate transportation access for such uses; among other criteria. NNDA sponsors the Certified Sites Program to enhance the region’s appeal to companies not currently located here.

The purpose of the Nevada Certified Sites Program is to provide a regional inventory of commercial sites that have undergone a rigorous pre-qualification process to ensure they meet a consistent set of standards. A certified site reduces the risk associated with development by providing detailed and current information about a site including price and availability, utilities, access, environmental concerns, and potential site development challenges. The property is required to be represented by the owner or its designee in accordance with the laws of the State of Nevada; NNDA specifically prohibits representation of the property or negotiation of terms by program staff and/or representatives.

Nevada Certified Site Process
Each site certified as part of the NNDA Program must participate in a site visit by members of the Certified Sites Review Team, meet or exceed all the program criteria, provide complete and accurate documentation of each program element, and receive final certification approval by the Certified Sites Program Committee. Once a site/park is approved by the Committee, all site certification documents will be available online to provide immediate access for prospective companies and clients.